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Through the years, Mr. Sharpe has served a wide variety of clients in many areas of law. The firm has been and is now involved in general civil practice, at trial and appellate levels, in state and federal courts. Many cases have been resolved in our clients' favor without the need for litigation. Most of the cases that were handled at the trial court level have resulted in decisions we sought for our clients. Most of the cases that have been resolved upon appeal resulted in published opinions. These opinions, some by the Texas Supreme Court, set precedent for future lawsuits. They are authoritative and are at the ready to guide court decisions in similar, fact-specific cases. General civil practice encompasses a broad spectrum of law. To follow are examples of kinds of cases we typically handle whether by negotiation or complex litigation:

Insurance Defense
Wrongful Death
Constitutional Rights
Contract Disputes
Personal Injury
Freedom of Religion
Consumer Disputes
Products Liability
Freedom of Speech
Media Issues
Medical Negligence
Equal Protection
Estate Planning & Probate
Premises Liability

General civil practice often involves advising clients how to avoid becoming embroiled in disputes. Having seen the adversarial side of the law, we at J. Shelby Sharpe offer preventive consultations concerning contracts, handbooks and policy manuals, hiring and terminating practices, myriad safety of persons and property warnings, for just a few examples.

Interestingly, since its inception, Mr. Sharpe has developed a specialty in representing religious organizations and their members. Religious organizations are unique in several regards. They are called by faith to advance a religious message. This calling results in unique polities and governance and, often, in values and practices that may be contrary to secular culture and the civil laws of that culture. Because churches, synagogues, and other religious organizations teach particular beliefs and high ethical standards, any departure from those teachings may give rise to scandal and potential civil liability. In certain cases, the actions or in-actions of the religious organization are protected by this country's constitution a legal specialty of Mr. Sharpe.

We serve religious organizations and their members with great sensitivity to each one's distinctive characteristics and with knowledge and experience regarding their particular legal rights and status.

Representative Clients:

Denton Publishing Company
International Christian Media
USA Radio Network
Texas Home School Coalition
National Center for Freedom & Renewal
Church of God International
Harvest House Publishers
Moody Bible Church Church
Mutual Insurance Co.

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